Accelerating the Green Transition ​

Protecting the planet is one of the biggest challenges the global business travel sector faces, like so many other industries around the world. Reducing carbon emissions must be part of our collective mission and game plan today, to ensure we can still connect people and travel for business tomorrow. The Sustainability Initiative drives cross-industry collaboration between the users and providers of corporate travel services – including aviation, hospitality, ground transport, travel management and distribution — to support the deployment of solutions that help manage and reduce carbon emissions from travel. Core areas of work include capacity building, industry collaboration, and advocacy.

Lead Change

Empower the full global business travel industry to be at the forefront of climate action and actively drive decarbonization solutions.

Advocate for Policy Support

Ensure policies that actively support the deployment of low-carbon travel options and empower travelers to select.

Drive Standardization

 Steer the full global business travel industry towards common sustainability frameworks and standards.




Our Work






Corporate Support

Building a greener future for business travel

The GBTA Foundation’s Sustainability initiative includes programs and activities
related to creating a greener future for our industry, climate action, and regeneration.