WINiT 1:1 Mentoring

Program Overview

GBTA WINiTis pleased to offer a 1:1 Mentoring Program to GBTA members, a virtual one-to-one global mentoring program with the primary objective of creating and fostering developmental relationships focused on progressing women leaders at all levels in business travel.

The second cohort of WINiT 1:1 Mentoring will begin on September 12, and the application will close on September 6.

As a GBTA WINiT Mentee, you will join a cohort of mentors and mentees in a six-month virtual mentorship. During these six months, you will meet with your Mentor at least twice a month to maximize your mentoring relationship. After six months, you can pause or continue your relationship and celebrate your success. 

Apply for the next cohort set to begin Monday, August 7.

Interested in becoming a Mentor? Sign up here. 

Why WINiT 1:1 Mentoring? 

Take charge of your career by working with your Mentor to define realistic career goals and how to achieve them. You will also get: 

  • A six-month one-on-one mentoring relationship, including a minimum of twelve sessions with your mentoring partner.   
  • Access to the GBTA WINiT virtual mentoring platform that includes skills documentation and educational content. 
  • Invitation to GBTA WINiT Mentoring Events with your cohort 
  • Certificate on successful completion 
  • Ongoing benefits of being a part of the GBTA WINiT Mentoring Community Hub 


How Does It Work?

Mentors and Mentees complete an online application indicating strengths — and for mentees, areas of opportunity. Mentors and mentees are matched, and the mentoring relationship begins. While our mentoring program is a one-to-one mentoring relationship, we use a cohort model — meaning that our mentoring groups start their six-month journey together, benefitting from shared mentoring events. The WINiT 1:1 Mentoring Platform will also serve as an ongoing resource for enabling connections to chat, blog, share videos, a resource library, and ultimately schedule meetings and host events. 

Who Is Eligible to Join?

GBTA members are welcome to apply to participate in the mentoring program as a mentor or a mentee.

Interested in being a Mentor or a Mentee?  Send your request to

Benefits of Participation


More confident in handline new challenges


Employees identify mentoring and coaching as their preferred method to learn.


Quality of work has improved


Learned new skills and knowledge for job


Ambition to take on more responsibility

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