2023 GBTA Foundation Progress Report 

Driving Action, Change, and Impact Across Global Business Travel

In only our first full year since being relaunched, the GBTA Foundation is already making great strides in our mission of promoting, supporting, and encouraging progress for People and Planet through global business travel. 

The GBTA Foundation 2023 Progress Report chronicles our efforts to further solidify global business travel as a force for good in society, commerce, economies, diplomacy, and governments throughout the world. Tracking and reporting the progress for our People and Planet initiatives helps keep us focused and accountable.

With the invaluable support of our donors, partners, passionate leaders, and dedicated volunteers, everything we do is about advancing skills and encouraging policies that will make our industry one of reinvention, forward thinking, relevance, and real and growing value to society in the years to come.  

Looking Back on 2023, and What’s Ahead

We hope this progress report will serve as a clear and enlightening statement of what we’ve accomplished in our first months and where we intend the Foundation to go for the benefit of our industry and our planet.

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