Ladders FAQ

How does Ladders work?

Each GBTA Ladders season is centered around a chosen topic, which is presented to participants via an industry subject matter expert. Teams meet separately to discuss the topic and prepare presentations. Groups present their final presentations virtually, with the top 4 presenting live at the GBTA Ladders Summit. The winner is chosen by Summit attendees and presents at GBTA’s annual convention. Throughout the season, additional professional development webinars and networking opportunities are held monthly.

How do I join Ladders?

GBTA Ladders seasons run from Convention to Convention. All participants must have an active GBTA membership. You can register your interest here, and we’ll notify you when next season applications go live.

Do I have to be a GBTA member to participate?

Yes – if you are not currently a member, you can become a member here

How are teams judged on their presentations?

The panel of judges use the below criteria to judge all presentations:


10 points | Preparedness – Prompt to scheduled presentation calls, ease of technology use, rehearsed, within time parameters
25 points | Information Presented – Organized, clear message, topic appropriate, research cited, fully formed ideas
20 points | Originality – Fresh approach/interpretation, cannot rehash previously stated ideas, unique solution to industry issue
15 points | Team Interaction & Involvement – Positive team dynamic, understanding of team member contributions, all team members engaged in some part of presentation (either presenting or Q&A)
20 points | Delivery – Voice, style, appeal, persuasive, enthusiastic, not audibly nervous or shy, polished, articulate
10 points | Spontaneity – Ability to think quickly, pivot/recover successfully if necessary, and articulate answers accurately

What is the topic for Season 10?

Coming together: Shaping the future of travel through radical collaborations and partnerships

Collaboration between governments, travel industry stakeholders, and technology companies will be crucial in shaping the future of travel. This season we task teams to consider re-engineering the travel ecosystem through globalization, governance, and partnerships to elevate traveler experiences. How can strategic partnerships help to expand the globalization of travel platforms? What will an embracement of AI look like and how can travel companies and governing bodies partner with this emerging technology? How can public and private parties come together to drive regulatory and infrastructural changes that the world desperately needs to increase travel efficiencies or to accelerate the transition to a greener future? These are just some of the questions posed to teams as you navigate this dynamic topic through Season 10.

Who is this season’s Keynote?

Delphine Millot, Senior Vice President, Sustainability and Managing Director – Foundation

Delphine Millot will be leading conversations with several industry experts to inspire teams to create their projects. She will be joined by Danielle Cavnor with PwC, Ray Rackham with CIBT Visas, and Kerry Ann Fett.

How many teams are there this season?

There are 16 teams this year!

When are presentations scheduled to take place?

April, specific dates will be announced later in season.