Managing Emissions from Business Travel Programs

GBTA Foundation Report: A Snapshot of How Companies are Currently Reducing Emissions from their Corporate Travel Programs

Companies are practicing a wide range of strategies to decarbonize their travel programs. These include, among others: demand management policies, better point-of-sale information to empower employees to select lower carbon options, partnering with responsible transport and accommodations providers, and investing in decarbonization solutions. Which practices are truly driving change and allowing companies to continue leveraging business travel while reducing their climate impact?

This first-of-its-kind benchmarking study from the GBTA Foundation provides a snapshot of how companies are currently addressing and mitigating their business travel emissions. This includes the various measures currently available, along with important factors to consider when implementing these measures and other ingredients for success.

Pathway to a Climate-Conscious Business Travel Program

The report outlines building blocks to a more climate conscious program. While getting started usually entails measures that are cheaper and/or require less effort, companies advancing in their journey can implement more ambitious strategies.

Download a copy of the report and learn more about:

  • Toolkit to Manage Emissions from Business Travel
  • Pathway to a Climate-Conscious Travel Program
  • Integrating Climate Considerations in Your Travel Policy
  • The Next Frontier: Carbon Pricing
  • Measuring and Tracking Emissions from Your Travel Program
  • Greening Procurement: How to Engage Suppliers and Your Value Chain
  • Decarbonizing Air Travel: Navigating Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)