Industry support for the GBTA Sustainable Procurement Standards

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AMC Networks International

Andrew Cassidy, Corporate Travel Manager

“As corporate travel leaders increasingly work towards reducing their organisations’ environmental impact, a major challenge for both buyers and suppliers is the lack of any agreed industry-wide framework for sustainability. Through harmonization of multiple sets of standards, GBTA’s Sustainable Procurement Standards is an impactful progression towards all stakeholders being aligned across multiple verticals. In addition to the flexible approach enabling buyers to focus on what’s most important to their organisations, and the ability to finally all be ‘on the same page’, these resources provide a way for Suppliers to effectively communicate their credentials in an efficient manner. The information can be embedded into procurement processes and/or used for reporting purposes.”

Baker McKenzie

Steven Van Overmeiren, Associate Director – Global Travel Program, Baker McKenzie & GBTA Accommodations Committee Chair 
“On behalf of the Accommodations Committee, I am so pleased to see GBTA taking the lead to harmonize sustainability questions for procurement. This was not an easy process, but it is a critical one to ensure we are moving the needle on sustainability. I look forward to working with the GBTA Foundation in the coming months to finalize the Sustainable Procurement Standards for Accommodations.”


Stuart West, Sustainability Director, Deloitte North and South Europe (NSE)

“We urgently need rapid transitions across all sectors and systems if we are to secure a sustainable and livable future for all. I welcome the initiative led by GBTA to define common procurement criteria to foster respect and inclusion and drive greater action to address the climate and nature crises within the business travel industry. I hope that the initiative will clarify expectations of suppliers whilst reducing their administrative burden.”


Mark Ziegler, Senior Travel Manager, Global Travel Services

“GBTA has been a driving force behind education, networking, and advocacy for the corporate travel industry for decades. The recent focus on travel sustainability has been a refreshing plunge into a difficult, existential challenge to the world. The long-term prognosis is not good for the earth if we don’t take definitive action to reverse the effects of climate change. GBTA is a leading advocate for taking concrete, decisive actions in the travel realm to stave off climate change. We are proud to support GBTA's standardization efforts.”


Ben Park, Executive Director, Travel & Sustainability; Chair, GBTA Europe Advisory Board

“Kudos to GBTA Foundation! The new Sustainable Procurement Standards are a game-changer for environmentally conscious decision-making in supplier selection and management. As a corporate travel manager and GBTA member, I’m thrilled to have this free, open-source resource at my fingertips. Let’s drive sustainability forward in the business travel sector!”


Jenny Sabineu, Sr. Manager, Travel (EMEA/LATAM) & Sustainability

“One of the most daunting tasks in our sustainable business travel journey was integrating sustainability into the RFx process. We quickly realized that there wasn't one consistent path, numerous certifications, and varied guidance on how to apply the results into our program. I am encouraged by GBTA's leadership to help harmonize these efforts and drive toward collective progress to ensure sustainability is a business priority in the corporate buyer-supplier relationship.”


Mark Cuschieri, Head of Global Travel, UBS AG; President, Board of Directors, Global Business Travel Association (GBTA)

“UBS recognizes the vital importance of harmonizing standards across the corporate travel industry. Sustainable travel is not just a responsible choice for businesses, but also a crucial step towards mitigating our environmental impact and preserving our planet for future generations. Consistent guidelines and benchmarks ensure that all businesses adhere to the same sustainability principles, facilitating collective efforts towards a more sustainable future. This alignment fosters transparency, allows for knowledge sharing, and encourages continuous improvement within the industry.

By adopting sustainable travel practices, businesses can significantly reduce their carbon footprint, promote environmental conservation, and contribute to creating a greener world. GBTA's Sustainable Procurement Standards offers a comprehensive framework to guide and support organizations in implementing eco-friendly travel policies and travel sourcing initiatives.”

WS Audiology

Albena Taseva, Senior Category Specialist, Global Travel

“As an advocate for sustainable travel procurement, I applaud GBTA’s enormous effort and commitment to harmonize standards for sustainable procurement across several business travel service verticals for the benefit of a wide array of industry stakeholders. By aligning amongst existing sustainability frameworks and standards, GBTA Sustainable Procurement Standards has become a versatile tool, which empowers travel buyers to send a strong demand signal to travel service providers on the importance of collective climate action, while streamlining the response process across the travel supplier community.”



Brune Poirson, Chief Sustainability Officer

“Accor proudly supports GBTA Foundation's vital work in harmonizing the business travel industry and advocating for sustainable procurement standards. Together, we're shaping a more responsible and efficient future for hospitality.”

Alaska Airlines

Ryan Spies, Managing Director of Sustainability

“Air travel is essential to connecting commerce and communities. The work GBTA has done to help ensure travel procurement is standardized across the industry will lead to more awareness and education of available options for travel. In turn, this will allow travelers and business leaders to make more sustainable choices.”

American Express Global Business Travel

Nora Lovell-Marchant, VP Global Sustainability

"GBTA is THE industry association for business travel and thus best placed to centralize procurement criteria for travel buyers and suppliers - especially for sustainability."

Air France-KLM

Arthur Ommering, Global Sales Manager, Sustainability

“Air France KLM recognizes the crucial role that sustainable procurement practices play in reducing our environmental impact and ensuring a sustainable future. We fully support GBTA's mission to promote responsible and sustainable travel practices, and we remain committed to working with them to drive positive change.”

BCD Travel

Olivia Ruggles-Brise, Vice President, Sustainability

“GBTA’s new Sustainable Procurement Standards will allow travel buyers to assess supplier sustainability in a meaningful and consistent way, focusing on what’s most impactful for their program, their company and the planet. By driving alignment across customers and suppliers, these standards represent a huge step forward for business travel and the opportunity for our industry to lead the way to a more sustainable travel sector.”

BWH Hotels Italy & Malta

Sara Digiesi, Chief Executive Officer

“To make change happen we need to facilitate any stakeholder to easily approach sustainability. It is a complex matter which requires a straightforward solution. 

To advance on sustainability as an industry, we need to converge standards and facilitate transparent access to hotel sustainability data. Creating a base of confidence through harmonized language and shared criteria is key to fulfilling the shared responsibility we all have as suppliers.”

Cathay Pacific

Stephanie Cedrone, Corporate Account Manager, New England

“The Sustainable Procurement Standards advised by GBTA provide a constructive guide for business travel selection. As a sustainability leader, Cathay supports sustainable business travel which offers the opportunity for our future generations to enjoy the same or even better travel experience as ours.”

Delta Air Lines

Amelia DeLuca, Chief Sustainability Officer

“Delta Air Lines is thrilled to partner with GBTA and be a part of driving change for sustainable procurement practices for the airline industry. Achieving a sustainable future of travel requires all of us across industries to work together to advance education, programs, and opportunities. We applaud GBTA and their leading role fostering a community of informed travel buyers, ensuring they have the information they need to drive sustainable practices forward.”


Jean Garris Hand, Vice President, Global ESG

“As a proud member of the GBTA Sustainability Leadership Council, Hilton applauds GBTA’s efforts to empower travel buyers to make more responsible and informed choices for their clients. This guidance developed by GBTA will be a valuable resource for the entire industry in our collective efforts to make more informed travel decisions and reduce our environmental impact.  Together, efforts like these will support a more responsible and resilient future in travel."

HRS Group

Martin Biermann, Chief Technology Officer

“Sustainability is a top priority for corporate buyers and hoteliers globally. From the work we’ve done at HRS via our Green Stay Initiative, we see that the procurement-booking-hotelier ecosystem is already engaged on the importance of driving more sustainable procurement and booking practices. We stand with GBTA in advancing all education efforts to our industry, as both buyers and hotel suppliers learn how to best harness new technologies and standardize procurement approaches. As revised sustainability practices are adopted, we’re confident our community will propel a greener future for corporate travel worldwide.”

IHG Hotels & Resorts

Townsend Bailey, Head of Corporate Responsibility, Americas

"At IHG Hotels & Resorts, we are focused on listening to our customers’ needs as they support their organizations’ objectives and goals when it comes to sustainability practices. Customers have shared their appetite for more standardization in identifying sustainable best practices, and as part of our Journey to Tomorrow commitments to drive change for people, communities and the planet, we’re on that journey with them. IHG is proud to serve on GBTA’s Sustainability Leadership Council, and we applaud GBTA’s efforts to drive alignment on key sustainability topics across the business travel community. This alignment is increasingly important in driving progress toward the mutual goals we share across the industry and beyond – while also providing further focus and clarity for buyers and suppliers."

Mansley Serviced Apartments

David Wright, Business Development Manager

“While some accommodation operators are finally waking up to the importance of tackling their own ESG agenda there are many that are still standing at the start line looking for direction. The creation of the GBTA Sustainable Procurement Standards provides an operator with a comprehensive overview of what is important to their customers and clients and will provide a clear framework of where they should be focusing their efforts.”

Marriott International

Denise Naguib, Global Vice President, Sustainability and Supplier Diversity

“As hotels seek to operate more sustainably and travel buyers make more sustainable decisions with their travel programs, leveraging a set of questions such as those GBTA have developed will help drive progress for all.”

Radisson Hotel Group

Sven Wiltink, Global Senior Director Sustainability

“At Radisson Hotel Group, we believe the best way to achieve concrete results and move the industry on the path to Net Zero by 2050 is to work alongside global partners and industry bodies, such as the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA). Sustainability is not competitive but rather collaborative, hence the importance of GBTA as a facilitator of business travel industry harmonization, and the need for sustainable procurement standards, aligned with industry standards including Hotel Sustainability Basics and GSTC standards.”


Petra J. van der Meer, Sustainable Travel Policy Management Tech, Co-founder/CEO

"To drive transformative change, we must balance win-win for business and humanity while setting aggressive goals and taking responsibility. GBTA’s Sustainable Procurement Standards is an important accelerator for responsible business, fostering suitable partnerships. It’s a crucial framework for achieving true sustainable travel.

GBTA’s global partnerships drive real impact. Mitigating travel risk and taking good care of our people by taking Duty of Care obligations, UN/SDG-3 Good Health & Wellbeing, and traveling with mobility with the lowest carbon emission, UN SDG-13 Climate Action, are two pillars of sustainable business travel. Pillar # 3 is UN/SDG-17, Sustainable partnerships ( Together, we can create a more responsible and eco-conscious future in the travel industry, making the agenda a reality"

SAP Concur

Sylvain Müller, Product Expert for Environmental Sustainability

“By harnessing the power of technology, SAP Concur believe organizations can use their travel and expense programs on their individual sustainability journeys by creating positive economic, environmental, and social impact within planetary boundaries. We’re thrilled to partner with GBTA foundation and representatives from across the business travel industry to support the Sustainable Procurement Standards initiative. Rethinking business travel procurement process through a standardization of the sustainability-related elements will ultimately help organizations reach their ESG objectives by further enabling them to create more responsible programs, and thus manage and reduce their carbon emissions from travel."

Southwest Airlines

Helen Giles, Managing Director of Environmental Sustainability

“Southwest Airlines® is proud to partner with GBTA through our role within the Sustainability Leadership Council to harmonize sustainable procurement standards for airlines. We applaud GBTA’s work to increase standardization in sustainable procurement. This will be impactful for both travel buyers and travel suppliers to help advance environmental sustainability in business travel.”


Ruta Greenslade, Senior Manager, Strategic Growth Trainline Partner Solutions

“GBTA catalyses unity in the business travel industry, championing sustainable procurement questions. Together, we navigate towards a future where corporate travel aligns seamlessly with global sustainability goals, contributing to a resilient and eco-conscious world”


Robyn Binks, Product Director, Data & Sustainability

“Sustainability in corporate travel is complex, and there’s an urgent need for consistency to minimize confusion. That is why Travelport strongly supports GBTA’s Sustainable Procurement Standards initiative. This level of collaboration, transparency and harmonization across the supply chain is exactly what the industry needs to advance sustainable business travel and establish a common language between travel buyers and suppliers.”

United Airlines

Lauren Riley, Chief Sustainability Officer and Managing Director, Global Environmental Affairs, United and Chair, GBTA Foundation Sustainability Leadership Council

“The world of sustainability is complex, and travel buyers need a reliable resource to help them make informed decisions that best align with their corporate objectives and values. United applauds GBTA for taking a leading role in delivering this essential resource.”

GBTA Committees

Accommodations Committee

Steven Van Overmeiren, Committee Chair & Associate Director – Global Travel Program, Baker McKenzie
“On behalf of the Accommodations Committee, I am so pleased to see GBTA taking the lead to harmonize sustainability questions for procurement. This was not an easy process, but it is a critical one to ensure we are moving the needle on sustainability. I look forward to working with the GBTA Foundation in the coming months to finalize the Sustainable Procurement Standards for Accommodations.”

Europe Aviation Committee

Olivier Benoit, Principal & Senior Vice President, Advito

"The GBTA Sustainable Procurement Standards is a unique source of information, advice, and operational tools, the result of collaboration between the industry's key players. Only GBTA can bring such expertise, balance, and integrity to an issue vital to the future of our business travel community.”

Europe Meetings & Events Committee

Deborah Borak, Committee Chair, Vice President, ConferenceDirect

"GBTA's commitment to innovation and education has always been a high priority.  With sustainability being a critical focus for so many companies, the release of the GBTA Sustainable Procurement Standards provides members with another essential resource for their own sustainability initiatives. The joint efforts between various companies, members, committees and GBTA has resulted in guidelines for organizations to utilize and continue to build on. The GBTA Meetings & Events Committee is proud to support the Sustainable Procurement Standards and looks forward to continued industry collaboration."

US Aviation Committee

Phil Crofton, Chair, US Aviation Committee
"GBTA has emerged as a leading voice in advocating for tangible measures to address climate change within the travel sector. The GBTA Aviation Committee proudly stands behind GBTA pioneering the effort to educate and standardize procurement practices ensuring more sustainable travel throughout the world. Working collaboratively with the business travel community in harmonizing sourcing questions specific to aviation was an extensive task and a monumental breakthrough for the industry. This will send a strong signal for more responsible and sustainable travel options and practices – the GBTA Aviation Committee looks forward to incorporating many of these key standards into our updated RFP for aviation."

Inclusion & Culture Committee

Linda Bekoe, Chair and CEO, About Partners
"After thorough examination of the Sustainable Procurement Standards tool and collaboration with the Inclusion and Culture Committee, I, as a member of GBTA and the Chair of the Inclusion and Culture Committee, as well as in my capacity as the CEO of About Partners collaborating with numerous buyers and suppliers, firmly believe that this tool will significantly enhance our understanding and expertise in integrating Sustainable/Inclusion and Culture aspects into organizational procurement templates. A unified, standardized approach is essential to streamline the RFP process, facilitate constructive information sharing, and offer clear guidance and assistance to our diverse membership base. I wholeheartedly support the adoption of this tool and recognize the potential it holds for GBTA to establish further benchmarks across various sectors of the travel industry."

Sustainability Committee

Robyn Grassanovits, Committee Chair

"I commend GBTA for their proactive approach in harmonizing procurement criteria and advocating for sustainable procurement standards. It is evident that our past efforts have fallen short, necessitating the need for change. Therefore, I extend my appreciation to the global community of buyers, travel suppliers, and advocates who recognize this pressing issue and have dedicated countless hours to collaboratively shaping the criteria that will drive the essential change toward a more sustainable future. Now, together, let's turn our vision into action and make this change happen!"

Industry Coalitions and Standard Setters

Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC)

Randy Durband, Chief Executive Officer

“GBTA has demonstrated a commendable commitment in orchestrating coherence and unity within the business travel industry. Their Sustainable Procurement Standards are constructed in accordance with different sustainability frameworks and mapped against the GSTC Criteria, the global standards for sustainable travel and tourism. Shaping a future where business and sustainability converge seamlessly is a purposeful journey that we all must take part in.”

Sustainable Hospitality Alliance

Glenn Mandziuk, Chief Executive Officer

"We are thrilled to be a proud supporter of the GBTA and commend their efforts in unifying sustainability procurement standards within the realm of corporate travel. At the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance, we truly understand the immense value of this work, as it empowers hotels to deliver superior responses to their corporate clientele, allowing them to dedicate more time and effort towards their sustainability initiatives. We wholeheartedly appreciate the importance of aligning metrics and standards, as evidenced by the Alliance's groundbreaking new strategy and benchmarking framework. With eager anticipation, we await the transformative impact that the GBTA's work will have on propelling the hospitality industry towards a state of Net Positive, where our sector not only thrives but also enriches our destinations by giving back more than it takes."


Sally Davey, Chief Executive Officer

“A sustainable future for travel and tourism can only be achieved through collective action and the corporate travel segment is well placed to accelerate the sector’s transformation. GBTA plays a key role in driving the harmonisation that is crucial to sustainable procurement at scale. This is why Travalyst has partnered with the GBTA Foundation, to ensure the whole industry has access to sustainability information that is clear, consistent and credible; enabling corporations and business travellers to make more sustainable choices.”

World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC)

Christopher Imbsen, Director of Sustainability

“As a facilitator working to harmonise the business travel industry’s sustainability practices, GBTA plays a crucial role in driving sustainable practices within the Travel & Tourism sector. By utilising WTTC's Hotel Sustainability Basics as a benchmark, GBTA recognises the significance of integrating globally aligned sustainable practices into hotel operations. Through collaboration, we pave the way for a sustainable future in business travel, leaving a positive and lasting impact on both the planet and our industry.”