2022 State of Sustainability

The State of Sustainability in the Global Business Travel Sector | 2022 Report

Business travel brings people together and fosters economic growth within and across national boundaries. For this to continue, however, the industry must ensure people can effectively connect in-person and conduct business globally while doing what is right for society and the planet.

The need to address sustainability is the driver behind this extensive, first-ever research study—”The State of Sustainability in the Global Business Travel Sector”—from GBTA and Grayling, a leading global public affairs and communications consultancy.

The 21-page GBTA benchmarking study provides in-depth insights from a survey of 762 global business travel buyers and suppliers professionals from four regions — Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia-Pacific. It also includes survey results from 100 external stakeholders including policy makers, think tanks and NGOs (non-governmental organizations).

The report explores and reveals insights in key areas:

  • Defining Sustainable Business Travel
    • Destination sustainability
    • Gathering data from across and beyond the industry
  • Embarking on the Sustainability Journey
    • Industry priorities, perceived barriers and removing barriers
  • The State of Sustainability in the Industry
    • Existing sustainability practices
    • External perceptions
  • Opportunities for Practical Change
    • How to: sustainable travel management
    • How to: sustainable suppliers
  • The Value of Partnerships
    • Guiding the industry
    • Traveling together