Sustainable Procurement Criteria

The GBTA Sustainable Procurement Criteria (SPC) is a consolidated bank of sustainability questions for procurement that aligns with international sustainability standards. It enables corporate travel buyers to assess the sustainability efforts of suppliers in a consistent and harmonized manner. By consolidating procurement criteria in one platform, suppliers will be better prepared to respond to requests. 

The Problem We Are Solving  

There is a current lack of standardization on the sustainability attributes used for procurement in the business travel industry. While buyers are not sure what questions to ask and what to do with the information collected, suppliers receive hundreds of different sustainability questionnaires where not all questions are material.   

As an industry-wide, open-source solution, the SPC gives corporate travel buyers the tools to make procurement decisions and deliver on their sustainability objectives. 

Why Sustainable Procurement?   

60% of business travel buyers and suppliers see harmonized standards as a main facilitator of the green transition. 






Ground Transport

How to Use the Criteria

  • Corporate travel buyers: Incorporate questions into your procurement process based on the maturity of your sustainability policies and procurement needs. Consider following the Starting, Leading, Advancing framework, or choose your questions a la carte.    
  • Suppliers of corporate travel services: Update your responses to all questions on an annual basis so that you can respond to procurement requests in a streamlined manner.   
  • Travel management companies/corporate travel booking: Align scorecards and procurement guidance with questions provided.  
  • RFP providers: Choose procurement criteria from the questions provided and align RFP questions accordingly. 

Process: A 360° Approach

The GBTA Sustainability Committee solicited input from a diverse array of industry stakeholders for each vertical, including buyers, suppliers, sustainability standard setters, partner organizations, and subject matter experts. This makes the Supplier Sustainability Matrix an industry-vetted and industry-backed tool.  

Task Forces


  • Morgan Lautredoux, Corporate Travel-Contract Performance Manager, Shell (Task Force Lead) 
  • Andy Cassidy, Corporate Travel Manager, AMC Networks International 
  • Robyn Grassanovits, Vice President Travel Products & Emerging Business, Cirium 
  • Albena Taseva, Global Category Manager Travel & Events, Randstad 
  • Sven Wiltink, Director Responsible Business, Radisson Hotel Group 
  • Charlotte Winter, Operations Manager EMEA, SYNERGY 


  • Mark Ziegler, Senior Travel Manager – Global Travel Services, NetApp (Task Force Lead) 
  • Nashir Hirjee, Director, Global Corporate Accounts, United Airlines 
  • Sylvain Muller, Product Expert for Environmental Sustainability, SAP Concur 
  • Veronica Sandoval, Travel Manager LATAM, Trane Technologies  
  • Robert Wade, Global Travel Manager, F5 Networks 


  • Albena Taseva, Global Category Manager Travel & Events, Randstad (Task Force Lead) 
  • Andrea Giurcin, CEO, TRA Consulting 
  • Karina Block Henriksen, Global Travel Leader, IKEA Group 
  • Jenny Sabineu, Manager, Travel & Sustainability (EMEA/LATAM), Salesforce 

Ground Transport

  • Mallory Collins, Global Travel Supplier Program Manager, Meta (Task Force Lead) 
  • Brooke Davis, Global Travel & Events Manager, Lululemon 
  • Stuart Donnelly, President Mobility, The Miles Consultancy Limited  
  • Adam Goldberg, Head of Travel, BMS 
  • Priscilla Scruggs, Senior Corporate Sales Manager, SIXT 

What the Industry Says

View the full list of companies consulted here.

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