Join GBTA Ladders  

The GBTA Foundation is looking for the best and the brightest in the travel industry to join the ever-growing community within Ladders. The program brings together a unique cohort of industry professionals to elevate their careers, expand their industry knowledge and grow their global network. Apply to join this team-based mentorship program and gain access to the top talent in business travel, all while cultivating ideas that are proven to drive the industry forward. Applications close on September 30. 

All new mentees, returning mentees, alumni advisors and committee members must submit an application to renew participation in the program for the upcoming season.

All participants in the program must be an active GBTA member. Season 10 runs from October to August, with the GBTA Ladders Summit taking place in May / June. Participants can expect a rough time commitment of 10 hours a month, with increased commitments closer to the final presentation dates.  

The Three Pillars of Ladders 

  • Project Presentations where each team works together on a season topic, featuring innovation and creative thinking at the core.  
  • Professional Development designed to improve transferrable skills outside of a traditional day-to-day working environment, brought to Ladders members monthly and throughout the season.  
  • Global Networking across verticals and seniority, both in-person and virtual, fostering a unique and powerful connection for all.  

The Ladders Experience