The GBTA WINiT Awards recognizes the achievement of women who lead, inspire and motivate. They are extraordinary women who are respected for their leadership, resilience and confidence. We are thrilled to celebrate these high-caliber women globally, along with the allies and companies who support these women.  

Nominations will run June 1, 2023 – August 25, 2023. The WINiT Top 50 Awards will be announced the week of September 25, 2023. Individual award winners will be announced at the GBTA WINiT Gala on Thursday, October 26, 2023. 

Why Nominate?  
By nominating a woman, you are acknowledging her work. You are telling the world that she is extraordinary and has an impact on others. You honor her accomplishments and contributions to the workplace.  

Who Can Be Nominated?  
We accept nominations for women leaders in the business travel-related industry worldwide. Previous nominees have included women from diverse backgrounds — executives, journalists, businesswomen, and media. We encourage diverse nominations of people of color, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, and individuals with disabilities. All nominees must hold a current position in a travel-related company or organization.  

How are Award Recipients Chosen?  
Nominations are reviewed by our Selection Committee based on the information submitted. The Selection Committee members are each asked to evaluate the top nominees for each category on a ten-point scale. Nominee scores are averaged, and the highest-scoring nominee will win the award category. In the event of any conflict of interest where a committee member may need to review a nomination from their company or themselves, a colleague or any other scenario that may represent a conflict), a ‘stand-in’ committee member will evaluate the nomination and provide a score.  

Award Categories

Outstanding Woman of the Year

Recognize the most talented and impactful woman in the industry.  This is an extraordinary woman who inspires those around her. 

Most Innovative Trailblazer  

Celebrate women professionals who are driving innovation for the business travel industry in people, product or process.    

Best Mentor or Coach – Female

Recognize a woman leader who is determined to elevate women in the travel-related industries. 

Best Mentor or Coach – Male  

Celebrate a male leader who is making a determined effort to elevate others and champions women in travel-related industries. 

DEI Leadership Award

Recognize a female leader who has demonstrated exemplary leadership in advancing for diversity, equity, and inclusion in business travel.

WatchHer: Future of the Workforce Award  

Celebrate a woman from high school or higher education for her exceptional achievements in academics, leadership or extracurricular activities.

Company Achievement Award  

Celebrate a company or organization that has created initiatives to support the professional development and advancement of women and are actively measuring and/or reporting its success.  

The WINiT Top 50

These are the women who are reinventing themselves and the workplace.  They are leaning in and creating momentum that will be felt by those beyond their community and field.  They are the new role models, who are driving the cultural shift towards lifetime learning and innovation.  
Nominations in for the WINiT Top 50 can be submitted in any of the following categories: 

Women Innovating the Way We Travel  

Is it a better product, a game-changing process, or an idea that improves the journey of the business traveler? This award honors the visionary and who has inspired others to join them in their efforts.   

Global Leader / Global Impact  

The global leader / Global Impact Award recognizes a female leader who has made a significant impact on a global scale.  These women are committed to making a positive difference in the world.  

Rising Female Leaders   

Celebrate early career professional women who are high-performing future leaders. They represent the future of the industry, driving change and are identified as thought leaders.    

FollowHer: Legends in the Industry 

Recognize an exemplary leader in the business travel industry.  She has been dedicated and committed to advancing women in the industry.  She inspires and drives change.