About Ladders

GBTA Ladders is a unique team-based mentor program that affords members an opportunity to not only expand their professional development within the travel and meetings industry, but to also gain true lifelong colleagues & friends. GBTA Ladders Program Mentors are highly accomplished executives with proven success in the travel business from both buyer and supplier organizations. These passionate industry leaders volunteer their time to guide talented members of the corporate travel community by helping them build connections, knowledge, and skills – helping shape the future of the business travel industry. Each year GBTA Ladders looks for the best and the brightest around the travel industry to join our ever growing family of GBTA Ladders Mentees. We strive to select professionals with the highest merits and qualifications; such as individuals in fast-track executive management or similar management programs within their companies.

GBTA is a group of corporate travel’s emerging leaders joining together, built on three pillars:

  • Project Presentations developed by each team that relates to the season’s topic with  innovation and creative thinking at it’s core to drive change
  • Professional Development designed to encourage the development of skills that may not ordinarily be developed in a day-to-day working environment, brought to Ladders members monthly
  • Networking across verticals and seniority, all Ladders members have access to one another which creates a powerful network for all


Alexandria Prejean-Smith

BCD Travel
Director, Marketing & Communications

Grace Morrisey

General Atlantic
Director, Global Travel & Expense

Lindsay Straub

The BTN Group
Vice President of Sales


  • Daniel Senyard
  • Rob Hannigan
  • Benjamin Ford
  • Brian Kromer
  • Marek Dudziak
  • Joannie Cargill
  • Edgar Sams
  • Nancy Padilla
  • Rob Hannigan
  • Ella Frazzetta
  • Jessica Sharpe
  • Josh Goldberg
  • Amanda Mahan
  • Andrew Slaiby
  • Gordon Millner
  • Kilianne Clegg
  • Kayleigh Rogers
  • Marek Dudziak
  • Abby Pharr
  • Christopher Crowder – Bromley
  • Evelyn Hamilton
  • Ross Paterson
  • Allison Sayer
  • Brian Kromer
  • Jessica Sharpe
  • Katherine Tomasi
  • Benjamin Ford
  • Juliette Jackman
  • Laura Capiccioni
  • Ryan Sokoloff
  • Allison Davis
  • Caitlin Gomez
  • Carol Fergus
  • Christina Reichelt
  • Dan Raine
  • Frank Gallo
  • Laura Choules
  • Mick Lee
  • Natalie Gardner
  • Paul Coverdale
  • Paul Tilstone
  • Phillip Pena
  • Rosemary Maloney