DEI & Accessibility

While the business travel industry has been early in welcoming a diverse workforce filled with cultural and global experiences, continuing to embrace, represent, and welcome the broad range of people with different backgrounds, perspectives, capabilities, and experiences will lead to increased innovation, creativity and ultimately, improved business results.   

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The GBTA Foundation, in consultation with GBTA’s Inclusion & Culture Committee is working to:

  • Identify the most pressing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion gaps and challenges in the business travel sector that the GBTA Foundation can help address
  • Determine the type of Foundation programs or initiatives that can help advance DEI goals most effectively


Addressing accessibility challenges has emerged as a priority for the business travel industry. Business travelers’ unique accessibility requirements span beyond physical disabilities to encompass mental health, neurodivergence, temporary conditions, age-related needs, invisible illnesses, allergies, and chronic pain. The imperative for accessible business travel is not just moral but also strategic, aligning with legal obligations, expanding market reach, and enhancing corporate image and employee satisfaction. 

The GBTA Foundation, in collaboration with the Inclusion & Culture Committee and Accessibility Task Force, released the GBTA Accessibility Toolkit to help travel managers and buyers get started on creating more accessible policies and practices in their business travel programs. It includes recommendations based on industry best practices around travel policy, traveler communication, supplier engagement, and point-of-sale. Travel buyers, TMCs, consultants, TMCs/OBTs, and suppliers should use this toolkit as a guide to inspire action, both in improving accessibility in individual programs but also in the collective effort to create a seamless travel landscape for all business travelers. 

Social Procurement

To help foster a more responsible business travel ecosystem, the GBTA Foundation and GBTA Sustainability Committee partnered with business travel stakeholders, subject matter experts, and sustainability standard setters to launch the new Sustainable Procurement Standards. This free educational resource helps suppliers prepare for and respond to procurement requests in a harmonized way, while empowering travel buyers to make informed procurement decisions and deliver on their organization’s sustainability objectives.